Research drives our investment decisions.

We believe fundamental research drives investment outperformance. A structured quantitative analysis of the investment universe can assist in providing our analysts with further tools to determine the best investment opportunities. By adhering to our investment style and approach through market cycles we provide integrity and balance in portfolio construction.

We believe in consistency.

Years of experience and lessons learned over many market cycles have helped the Harbour team craft a robust and disciplined investment process. We believe that consistency of process delivers the best investment outcomes over the medium to long term for our clients.

We focus on Responsible Investing.

We integrate environmental, social and governance considerations into our investment processes, and have been signatories to the UN Principles of Responsible Investment since August 2010. You can read more and access our ESG policy here.

There is no substitute for experience.

Harbour’s success relies on the work and dedication of our team of experienced and proven professionals. With over 200 years of collective industry experience, navigating through different market cycles, you can rest assured your investments are in qualified hands.