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The move to the public cloud accelerates

We try to attend at least one global technology conference each year to keep abreast of latest developments, market trends and hot topics. Over the last five years, speakers have focused on many exciting areas with large market growth potential (covering online migration and SaaS business models disrupting the old world), consumers going mobile, big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IOT) to nam...

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Kevin Bennett | Posted on Sep 30, 2019

a2 Milk Steps Up Market Development

Source: Weekly Times

The a2 Milk Company reported on earnings last Wednesday. In spite of net profit 47% ahead of last year with a 41% increase in revenue, the market was disappointed by reduced margins, reportedly due to increased spending on marketing and, as a consequence, the price has fallen.

a2 spent more on marketing and product development than expected
We see this as building the foundation to be a global leader in ...

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Oyvinn Rimer | Posted on Aug 26, 2019

Payments: The Disruption of a Two Trillion Dollar Industry

Key Points

The two trillion-dollar global payments industry is forecast to grow 9% p.a. through to 2022
Chinese companies are leading payments innovation and expanding globally
Disruption in the payments industry is being driven by technological and regulatory change
The global payments industry is one that sits quietly underneath the world’s economies. Generally, businesses facilitating payments have been very successful thr...

Simon Momich
Simon Momich | Posted on Aug 5, 2019