Governance & Controls

We operate within a framework of strong governance that is overseen by an experienced Board, which includes three independent directors. We pride ourselves on our best practice operating systems and procedures when onboarding, investing, managing and reporting back to clients. Harbour provides full transparency and independence around the investing and management of clients' money. This is verified by a thorough and independent audit we subject our processes and controls to each year.

Harbour has been granted a Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) License by the FMA. Click here to view the license.
External Controls

  • The appointment of Trustees Executors as our fund administrators
  • Independent Custodians holding clients' investments (Scheme property is held by the Supervisor, with all assets held under custody registered under a special purpose wholly owned nominee to ensure compliance with best practice and segregation of client’s assets from those of the custodian and manager)
  • Independent daily unit pricing of clients' investments
  • All Funds are independently audited and financial statements are sent to clients
  • Audit is conducted by an external top tier audit firm
Internal controls

  • Harbour Board, which includes three independent directors
  • Internal Harbour Audit Committee, designed to review and monitor internal controls within the business
  • A robust trading and compliance process implemented via the globally recognised Bloomberg Asset Investment Manager system
  • Compliance monitoring programme, overseen by Harbour's Head of Compliance